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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Doge-ing Volatility; Entering the Crypto Market Workshop

16/09/2021 6pm – 7pm

You first heard about Bitcoin 5 years ago, but let me guess you probably dismissed it as a scam. Well, who would’ve known years down the track that such a currency could have converted into tonnes, tens of thousands of dollars. So, in order to keep updated on the fundamentals of evolving blockchain technologies and implementation into real-world applications, this is the event you must attend before investing.

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Previous Events

UNSW Forex Society Presents: The Ins and Outs of Commodities

2/07/2021 5:30pm – 7pm

Is gold the safe haven asset people claim it to be? Are commodities a viable option to diversify your portfolio in this current trading climate? Come find out in ForexSoc’s upcoming ‘ins & out’ commodity workshop, where you will be able to obtain the latest and greatest insights into the four main categories of the commodities market.

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Beating the Budget Workshop

18/06/2021 5:30pm – 7pm

Want to learn more about our government before it collapses in 2053? Have a keen interest in boosting your linkedin connections with like minded business professionals? Come on down to Forex Soc and deep dive into the Federal Budget workshop to find out all the trading tips that Josh Frydenberg doesn’t want you to know and join us for a post workshop Q&A for an opportunity to meet other like minded trade enthusiasts.

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UNSW ADSOC X FXSOC Presents: The Floor is Lava

14/06/2021 12:30pm – 3pm

Tired of Term 2 already? In Week 3, ADSOC and FXSOC are hosting our very own Skyzone event for all our fellow adventurers!! Soar to new heights, chuck your body into the foam pit, learn a new flip on the trampoline and get a workout that will have your lungs gasping for air and your legs begging you to stop! 

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Equities Workshop

8/04/2021 1pm – 2pm

Stuck at home and in need for another source of income? Want to learn more about how to invest in the equity markets and how companies create value? Regardless of whether or not you have traded before, tune into our Fxsoc Equity workshop to gain some beneficial investing insights. It is time that our team delves into more complex concepts, such as technical analysis of the equity markets. 

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UNSW Forex Society: Optiver Careers Panel

7/04/2021 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Currently pursuing a STEM degree and have a keen interest in learning more about quantitative trading? Enjoy solving complex challenges and working in an autonomous space? If you responded with a yes to the questions above, you wouldn’t want to miss out on our upcoming Careers Panel Event featuring representatives from Optiver, a global leader in proprietary trading and market-making. 

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UNSW Forex Society: Inside the Startup Trading World

30/03/2021 12:30pm – 1:30pm

For some people investing in shares can be daunting and overwhelming with so many platforms to choose from, and so many companies to invest in. And with the stock market constantly oscillating and in a time of crisis and pandemics, it’s important to learn how to have financial independence and how to be money smart. 

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UNSW Forex Society: An Introduction into Forex Trading

10/03/2021 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Ever considered strengthening your foundation on the Forex market but don’t fully understand the prep work needed to become successful? Then join us, as Fxsoc presents to you our first educational workshop for the year in which we will be building upon your practical knowledge and understanding of how the forex market works.

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UNSW Forex Society: Star Beta International Bitcoin Trading Competition 2021

01/03/2021 – 08/03/2021

Have a strong interest in Bitcoin but you’re afraid of the cryptocurrency’s high market volatility? Need a helping hand on how to start using online trading platforms? Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced in crypto trading, join UNSW Forex Society in our annual Star Beta International Bitcoin Trading Competition 2021! Competing against participants across the globe, we are proud to announce that this year’s trading contest is held in affiliation with societies and organisations spanning across Australia & Poland.

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UNSW Forex Society: Star Beta Star Beta Bitcoin Trading Workshop 2021

26/02/2021 2:30pm – 3:30pm

UNSW Forex Society and Star Beta will be hosting a virtual workshop outlining the logistical process for participants of the Star Beta International Bitcoin Trading Competition. Star Beta’s Head Trader, Andrew Nguyen, will further discuss how to use the trading platform ‘Binance’ to trade with leverage, which will be followed by a Q&A session.

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UNSW Forex Society: Subcommittee Recruitment 2021


We’re seeking enthusiastic and ambitious students to join one of the fastest growing societies at UNSW. Whether you’re looking to develop your trading skills or simply to meet a great community people, joining our subcommittee will help you achieve that!

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: 2020 Forex Hoodie Release!


Want to flex to everyone about your financial skills? Forex Soc is on your back! With our 2020 minimalist forex hoodie, keep warm while you continue cashing in on the new market lows. Order by the 1st of August.

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Pine Script Workshop

30/07/2020 12pm – 1pm

Do you have some mind-blowing technical strategy but have no clue if it works? Come to Forex’s first ever Pine Script Workshop and learn how to transform these strategies into code and then test them on historical data!

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Kahoot!

30/07/2020 12pm – 1pm

Looking to use your knowledge for something worthwhile? Well look no further!! UNSW ForexSoc presents: Kahoot! With three separate Kahoots based on different categories with their unique prizes, you can show off all the knowledge you have gathered over years and even during quarantine. Interested in joining us for a night of fun? Register now for a night to remember!

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UNSW Forex Society: Financial Modelling Workshop

08/07/2020 12pm – 1:15pm

Interested in a Bulge-Bracket Investment Banking Internship this summer? This short workshop is aimed at students who are interested in upskilling themselves and getting into the trading world in a more experienced way. Come along with prior knowledge or none at all, and learn about the small, subtle nuances in the world of Excel.

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UNSW Forex Soc x FinSoc Presents: Poker Night

25/06/2020 7:30pm – 10pm

Come join ForexSoc and FinSoc this year as we present to you our first ever POKER NIGHT! Get keen for a night of fun and challenges as you try to out poker face your competitors, with the chance to earn big prizes!! We will be offering two streams, for individuals that want to play with real money, and virtual money that each come with their unique prize pools. Feel free to bring some friends to make the night a much more fun experience! Registrations close 23rd of June so don’t miss out!

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UNSW Forex Society: Intro To Forex

24/06/2020 3:50pm – 4:30pm

Ever thought about how to get started into trading FOREX? Come join us at our introductory session into FOREX, what it is, and what factors affect the market. Come along with prior knowledge or none at all, and learn more about getting started and what to look out for when trading foreign currencies.

Prizes to be won:

1st Place: $30 Penny Lane cafe voucher and Business School Backpack

2nd and 3rd Place: Business School Keepcup

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Forex Soc x FinTech Soc Presents: OnlyFriends

17/06/2020 7pm – 9pm

Bored in the house? FOREX and FINTECH have got you covered. Look no further to OnlyFriends, our online speed-friending event, filled with exciting CHALLENGES and GAMES, sure to create those lasting friendships.  Whether it be online PUZZLES, spicy SCATTERGORIES or CODENAMES, there’s something for everyone, so register and secure a spot!

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UNSW Forex Society: Trading and Investing 101

15/10/2019 4pm – 6pm

UNSW Forex Society is excited to present Trading and Investing 101 – an insight seminar that breaks down what it’s like to trade at a hedge fund, the strategies and skills a trader should know with emphasis on copy trading, and things you can do in preparation for your trading career

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UNSW Forex x RealSoc Presents: Games Night

09/04/19 6pm – 8pm

This joint venture between UNSW Forex Society and UNSW RealSoc will have you meeting new friends, playing games, and answering random trivia. Card and board games such as UNO, Monopoly and Exploding Kittens await you at the table.

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Trade with Us by ECN Trade

08/04/19 5pm – 7pm

In collaboration with ECN Trade, UNSW Forex Society will be holding an exclusive workshop to guide you step by step on the fundamental process of trading, presented by one of ECN Trade’s best trading analysts.

DO NOT MISS OUT on this limited opportunity to learn more about trading and network with experienced professionals and people with the same interests!

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Coffee and Cookies

 21/03/19 10am – 12pm

Trimesters have you feeling NUTS? Feel your wam CRUMBling down? Do you have midsems creeping up and KNEAD the caffeine to help you study?

Forex Society has got you covered this midsem period! We’ll be STIRRING up a good time with our Coffee and Cookies with Forex! Warm your SCOTCHfingers with a fresh cup of coffee and beat that exam dESPRESSO with some fresh cookies!
Come join us!

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Intervarsity Bitcoin Trading Competition

04/03/19 – 11/03/19

An opportunity for you to learn about trading cryptocurrency first-hand with live capital and compete with students internationally. Compete for your share of a total prize pool of over $3000! 

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