Breaking Into The Finance Industry As a Non-Business Student

By Yash Kalwani– 24 June 2020 Daniel’s background as a computer science studentDaniel studies computer science student at Imperial College London, and was a quantitative analyst intern at a hedge fund in London. One of his many interests besides coding, gaming, and weight lifting is helping and teaching non-business students about the business world and … Read more

A Closer Look Into the Reserve Bank of Australia

The RBA holds the decisive factor in determining Australia’s official cash rate, with the aim of ensuring that a stable Aussie currency is maintained and maintenance of full employment is achieved. Moreover, the central bank seeks to ensure that domestic economic prosperity and welfare of the Australian people are met. The RBA meets eleven times … Read more

US Retail Sales Report ahead of the Fed Meeting in December

Importance of Retail Sales Report The US October Retail Sales report is one of the most important economic data releases and will be economic releases the Federal Reserve will review before its December 10 FOMC meeting to decide on its interest rates stance. The report is also crucial in helping us determine whether US consumers … Read more

Position Sizing

Position sizing is important to understand in order to prevent over-exposing/over-leveraging your account, position sizing is very important to ensure trading consistency. About 77% of retail traders lose their whole account due to incorrect risk management. This article goes through some basics on how to calculate your risk/exposure on a trade. What is a “lot” … Read more