All that is Gold Does not Glitter

Over the past few years, gold has received a great deal of attention from both new and seasoned players in the financial markets. Jargon such as ‘inflation hedge’, ‘store of value’ and ‘fiat currency’ are constantly thrown around to fuel the hype and controversy surrounding this age-old commodity. Sure, all of this makes for an … Read more

The Importance of the US 10-year Treasury Yield

The US 10-year treasury yield is one of the most important interest rates in the world. In this article, we will explore what the US 10-year treasury is and why its yield figure is important to the macro economy. What is the US 10-year Treasury? Treasuries are debt instruments issued by the government. They yield … Read more

Are you interested in pursuing a career in equity research?

First of all, what does equity research entail? The main function of the equity research division is to conduct detailed financial analysis and research on a specific investment and make important recommendations to the investors. These recommendations are based on whether the fair value of each particular investment is greater than or smaller than the … Read more

Belt and Road Initiative – A Path to Global Integration or Domination?

China’s Belt and Road infrastructure project, also known as Belt and Road initiative (BRI) is a policy for Chinese investment in infrastructure which is targeted at connecting China with the rest of the world, in hopes of further developing the poorer parts of china’s economy, as well as stimulating the landlocked economies of North and … Read more

Is the Future the Past for the Peso?

In the foreign exchange market, there is one currency with an unparalleled reputation for never-ending declines in its value: the national currency of Argentina, the Argentine Peso. It is a curious case, inextricably linked with the cratering of Argentina’s economy and the institutional political rot which plagues it. But unlike other stories of corruption and … Read more

Fortune Favours the Fast

By Vikas Arkalgud– 21 March 2021 Speed. What would you give to do something quicker? Perhaps you would spend a couple of extra dollars on a quicker route to campus. Maybe you would spend a few hundred on a quicker, faster CPU. You may even be willing to spend thousands of extra dollars on a … Read more

Putting Forex Trading and Investing into Perspective

By Samuel Soo– 28 September 2020 Getting into trading Recently, I was thinking about how to answer this question – why trade and learn about the foreign exchange market? When you think of trading, you might picture this: You start off by trading in your spare time, slowly accumulating net earnings, until you reach a … Read more