2022 T3 W5

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD The Australian dollar against the greenback has increased over the past week by 0.45% ahead of the RBA’s decision to increase interest rates by 0.25%. Most analysts are expecting that the RBA will continue rate hikes of 0.25-0.50% in the coming months to tame the stubbornly high inflation figures. Data … Read more

2022 T3 W3

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD Over the past week, the Australian dollar continues to decline by 0.63% as it experiences an unfavorable disparity in rates. The Fed’s decision to raise interest rates by 75 basis points compared to the RBA’s rate hike of 25 basis points has strengthened the US dollar, increasing the volume of … Read more

2022 T2 W6

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD The Australian Dollar rose 0.56% over the past week to trade at 0.6859 as the pair attracted dip-buyers from the recessionary fears that spread in previous weeks. US wages growth remains strong as non-farm payrolls added 372,000 jobs to the US economy while the unemployment rate remained steady at 3.6%. … Read more

2022 T2 W4

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS John Nguyen AUD/USD The Australian Dollar has been volatile lately, ending the week 0.10% higher to trade at 0.694 due to conflicting economic factors causing price action to fluctuate wildly. On the upside, oil and coal have increased in price which has helped to improve our terms of trade. However, there has been … Read more

2022 T1 W7

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD The Australian Dollar against the greenback has declined by 0.22% as it is now testing recent highs over the past weeks. Biden announced an oversupply of 180 million barrels from reserves over the next six months, sending crude oil, Australia‚Äôs second largest exported commodity, tumbling by 4.4% on Friday. US … Read more