A Closer Look Into the Reserve Bank of Australia

The RBA holds the decisive factor in determining Australia‚Äôs official cash rate, with the aim of ensuring that a stable Aussie currency is maintained and maintenance of full employment is achieved. Moreover, the central bank seeks to ensure that domestic economic prosperity and welfare of the Australian people are met. The RBA meets eleven times … Read more

US Retail Sales Report ahead of the Fed Meeting in December

Importance of Retail Sales Report The US October Retail Sales report is one of the most important economic data releases and will be economic releases the Federal Reserve will review before its December 10 FOMC meeting to decide on its interest rates stance. The report is also crucial in helping us determine whether US consumers … Read more

Weak US Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Data & Its Impact on the Market

Importance: The downward trend of the US ISM Non-Manufacturing data and continual contraction of the US manufacturing sector is vital in understanding how rising concerns about weak global growth and global trade tensions is impacting the US economy and by extension the labour market. Although recent US labour market figures showed unemployment rate reached new … Read more

Upcoming FOMC Rate Decision & Its Impact on the Market

The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) holds eight regular scheduled meetings during the year, as well as other meetings if needed. The upcoming 30-31 July meeting has already caused rising confusion in the wake of market-moving speech by one if its top officials. Hence, the communication challenge faced by the US central bank has raised … Read more

2019 Bond Rally and the Health of the Global Economy

With global economic growth already showing signs of slowdown, the correlation between growth fears and bond prices are important indicators of economic outlook. If the market turns bullish or bearish, then the probability of central banks cutting interest rates will have an enormous impact on currencies. When investors are pessimistic about economic growth and thereby … Read more