2022 T3 W8

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Chen AUD/USD Off the back of an intense trading day on Friday, the Australian Dollar managed to end the week higher against the US Dollar, rising by 0.89% to finish at $0.6468 despite falling for fourĀ  straight days over the first four trading days of the week. Earlier this week, both the … Read more

2022 T3 W7

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Chen AUD/USD Fuelled by 2 strong trading days in the middle of the week, the Australian Dollar continued its trend in the previous week and rose slightly against the greenback, by 1.61% to 64 US cents. The Aussie Dollar extended its recovery against the US Dollar this week, after a decline in … Read more

2022 T3 W5

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD The Australian dollar against the greenback has increased over the past week by 0.45% ahead of the RBA’s decision to increase interest rates by 0.25%. Most analysts are expecting that the RBA will continue rate hikes of 0.25-0.50% in the coming months to tame the stubbornly high inflation figures. Data … Read more