2022 T1 W8

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Chen AUD/USD AUD/USD To close the week, the Australian Dollar slipped by 0.68% to the 0.7440 range against the greenback after hitting a near 1 year high of 0.7660 on the second trading day of the week, the 5th of April. In the RBA cash rate decision meeting this week, the committee … Read more

2022 T1 W7

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD The Australian Dollar against the greenback has declined by 0.22% as it is now testing recent highs over the past weeks. Biden announced an oversupply of 180 million barrels from reserves over the next six months, sending crude oil, Australia’s second largest exported commodity, tumbling by 4.4% on Friday. US … Read more

2022 T1 W6

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Carl Braganza AUD/USD The Australian Dollar rallied 1.53% against the greenback in the past week to hover around 0.7518. The continued strength this week has been despite the US Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance, with Fed chairman, Jerome Powell, reiterating the possibility of a 50 basis point increase in the near future, which would … Read more

2022 T1 W5

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Carl Braganza AUD/USD The pair has rallied more than 2.7% in the last few days to 0.74. The strength this week came from rising commodity prices, positive employment data, as well as news from China about the setting of an economic growth target. Iron ore prices topped $150 a barrel during the week, … Read more

2022 T1 W4

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Carl Braganza AUD/USD The AUD incurred some losses on Friday which continued the Aussie’s first week of losses after five weeks of gains as it closed just under 0.73. However, during the week it did manage to reach a new high for 2022 of 0.7441, with gains coming from rising iron ore prices … Read more

2022 T1 W3

Fundamental Analysis AUD/USD The AUD has rallied from 0.7261 on 28 February to 0.7374 against the USD over the past week due to higher commodity prices and the fact that Australia is a big exporter of metals. It is somewhat surprising that the AUD has performed well amidst the Ukraine-Russia conflict given that it is … Read more

All that is Gold Does not Glitter

Over the past few years, gold has received a great deal of attention from both new and seasoned players in the financial markets. Jargon such as ‘inflation hedge’, ‘store of value’ and ‘fiat currency’ are constantly thrown around to fuel the hype and controversy surrounding this age-old commodity. Sure, all of this makes for an … Read more