2022 T3 W2

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Chen AUD/USD The Australian Dollar closed lower at 0.65260 against the greenback, a fall of 2.89% over the close of the previous week. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced a 75 basis point increase to the Federal Funds Rate, bringing the target range to 3-3.25%. The fifth rate hike this year also … Read more

2022 T3 W1

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Andrew Sun AUD/USD The Australian Dollar shed 1.86% over the past week to trade at 0.6723 on the back of US inflation data and some dovish commentary by the RBA. For the month of August, US headline inflation rose 0.1% month-on-month, above consensus estimates which had forecasted a 0.1% fall in overall inflation. … Read more

2022 T2 W10

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Andrew Sun AUD/USD The Aussie Dollar shed 1.08% over the past week to trade at 0.689 as geopolitical tensions flared up and US economic data positively surprised market participants. Being a risk-on currency, the Australian Dollar dropped sharply on Tuesday after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi further strained US-China relations by visiting Taiwan. … Read more

2022 T2 W9

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Chen AUD/USD The Australian Dollar closed the week slightly higher, up 0.28% to close a fraction below 70 US cents. In line with market expectations, the Federal Reserve raised the Federal Funds Rate by 75 basis points on Thursday to bring the target range to 2.25%-2.50%. This was accompanied by a dovish … Read more

2022 T2 W8

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS John Nguyen EUR/USD EUR/USD is ending this week 1.26% higher to trade at the 1.021 price zone, due to the poor performance on Wall Street this week and the bearish performance of the US government bonds. We can potentially see a rise in the pair as the US Federal Reserve has adopted its … Read more

2022 T2 W7

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Andrew Sun AUD/USD The Australian Dollar slid 0.44% over the past week to trade at 0.6894 amidst better than expected US Retail Sales and consumer confidence data, before staging a late rally as markets digested some Fedspeak comments. On Friday, US Retail Sales for June had grown 1.0% month-on-month, which beat market expectations … Read more

2022 T2 W6

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Cheung AUD/USD The Australian Dollar rose 0.56% over the past week to trade at 0.6859 as the pair attracted dip-buyers from the recessionary fears that spread in previous weeks. US wages growth remains strong as non-farm payrolls added 372,000 jobs to the US economy while the unemployment rate remained steady at 3.6%. … Read more

2022 T2 W5

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS William Lun AUD/USD The Australian Dollar ended the week down 1.53% to 0.6812 after recession fears intensified on Friday. Friday‚Äôs downbeat US PMI data added to the risk-adverse sentiment taken by the market, which led to a market-wide selling of the AUD. Moreover, markets expect a more hawkish Federal Reserve, with investors pricing … Read more

2022 T2 W4

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS John Nguyen AUD/USD The Australian Dollar has been volatile lately, ending the week 0.10% higher to trade at 0.694 due to conflicting economic factors causing price action to fluctuate wildly. On the upside, oil and coal have increased in price which has helped to improve our terms of trade. However, there has been … Read more

2022 T2 W3

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Jason Chen AUD/USD On Friday 10th June, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its CPI data for May, which revealed that the headline figure had risen by 1% month-on-month and that the annualised rate of inflation increased to 8.6%, the highest level since 1981. To combat surging inflation, the Federal Reserve has … Read more