Is the Future the Past for the Peso?

In the foreign exchange market, there is one currency with an unparalleled reputation for never-ending declines in its value: the national currency of Argentina, the Argentine Peso. It is a curious case, inextricably linked with the cratering of Argentina‚Äôs economy and the institutional political rot which plagues it. But unlike other stories of corruption and … Read more

Fortune Favours the Fast

By Vikas Arkalgud– 21 March 2021 Speed. What would you give to do something quicker? Perhaps you would spend a couple of extra dollars on a quicker route to campus. Maybe you would spend a few hundred on a quicker, faster CPU. You may even be willing to spend thousands of extra dollars on a … Read more

2021 T1 W5

HIGHLIGHTS FOR THIS WEEK Carl Braganza AUD/USD The AUD/USD pair have modestly strengthened, closing the week at 0.7764 from the 0.7708 opening, finishing above the 50MDA. The USD fell for three consecutive days during the past week due to investors feeling less concerned about rising inflation. Soft consumer prices data helped stabilise government yields which … Read more

2021 T1 W4

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