2020 T1 W10

MARKET MOVERS Stocks Up, Economy Down – 19th April Adam Bi The coronavirus is still torturing the global economy with bleak data keeps coming. China on Thursday announced its GDP shrank 6.8% in the first quarter of 2020, the lowest in its recorded history, which foreshadows the pain expected in the U.S. and around the … Read more

2020 T1 W9

MARKET MOVERS Underwhelming US Job Data – 12th April Adam Bi Before the Coronavirus pandemic spread globally, U.S. unemployment rate was at its 50-year lows. Due to social isolation measures, U.S. unemployment rate is soaring at an alarming speed. The Labor Department reported on Thursday that another 6.6 million people made new jobless claims-applications by … Read more

2020 T1 W8

MARKET MOVERS ADP and NFP – 6th April Will Liu Last week saw the release of the ADP and the NFP, two hard hitting employment related statistical release that often create large, but short-lived moves in the forex market. For a bit of context, the ADP and the NFP figures for Non-Farm Employment Change differ in many … Read more

2020 T1 W7

MARKET MOVERS Government Initiative Halts Falling AUD29th March Allan Liao On the 19th March, the RBA announced a rate cut of 25 basis points to 0.25 through a $90Billion quantitative easing program in order to counter the economic impact of domestic lockdown. As of Thursday 26th March, AUD$9Billion worth of government bonds maturing in Dec 2021 July … Read more

A Closer Look Into the Reserve Bank of Australia

The RBA holds the decisive factor in determining Australia‚Äôs official cash rate, with the aim of ensuring that a stable Aussie currency is maintained and maintenance of full employment is achieved. Moreover, the central bank seeks to ensure that domestic economic prosperity and welfare of the Australian people are met. The RBA meets eleven times … Read more