Putting Forex Trading and Investing into Perspective

By Samuel Soo– 28 September 2020 Getting into trading Recently, I was thinking about how to answer this question – why trade and learn about the foreign exchange market? When you think of trading, you might picture this: You start off by trading in your spare time, slowly accumulating net earnings, until you reach a … Read more

2020 T2 W11

MARKET MOVERS Wendy Le NZ Official Cash Rate & RBNZ Rate Statement – 12 August 12:00pm The NZ official cash rate is forecasted to stay the same at the record low rate of 0.25%. As the cash rate stabilising indicates economic recovery, this may lead to a bullish NZD and AUD. An interest rate cut … Read more

2020 T2 W10

MARKET MOVERS Will Liu Australian Cash Rate – 4th August 2:30pm  The Australian Cash rate is forecasted to remain steady 0.25%, with the current state of the economy and the extra uncertainty added by rising COVID 19 cases. RBA is expected to maintain optimism similar to last month’s RBA minutes where policymakers noted that ‘the downturn … Read more

2020 T2 W9

MARKET MOVERS Wendy Le Australian CPI q/q – 29 July 11:30am  Australian CPI is forecasted to decrease from 0.3% to -2.0%. This potential decline in inflation could be attributed to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria and NSW. This indicates a movement away from the RBA’s target inflation rate of 2-3% meaning that in … Read more

2020 T2 W8

MARKET MOVERS Paul Huang Fed Budget Deficit Expansion  US treasury reported on 13 July that the budget deficit has reached an all-time high of $864 billion in June, primarily due to stimulus programs for small businesses.  Current fiscal and monetary policies coupled with COVID-19 cases continuing to surge may indicate weakness in the dollar. China exceeds GDP … Read more

2020 T2 W7

MARKET MOVERS Samuel Soo Coronavirus cases continue to surge in the U.S. The U.S. passed 3 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, representing a quarter of all cases worldwide High record of COVID cases in the US has exacerbated fears of a second wave, making investors less certain about a swift economic recovery that was suggested … Read more