2019 T1 W10

WHAT MOVED THE MARKET Australian Inflation Data 24th April Why is the Aussie Inflation Data important? The Australian CPI (Consumer Price Index) Data is important as it provides the central bank with key information about the state of the economy. This indicator is also a vital future guidance for investors to gauge whether the RBA … Read more

2019 T1 W9

WHAT MOVED THE MARKET RBA Meeting Minutes 15th April What is the RBA Meeting Minutes and why is this report important? The Meeting Minutes is a detailed record of the RBA Board’s most recent meeting, providing in-depth insights into the economic condition that influenced Board members’ decision to either maintain, cut, or hike interest rates. … Read more

2019 T1 W8

WHAT MOVED THE MARKET US JOLTs Job Openings (Feb) What is the US JOLTs Job Openings? US Jolts Job Openings is a survey completed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to help measure job vacancies. Data is collected from employers about their businesses’ employment, openings, recruitment, etc. JOLTS is defined as Job Openings that … Read more

2019 T1 W7

WHAT MOVED THE MARKET RBA Interest Rate Decision What is the RBA Interest Rate Decision? The Reserve Bank of Australia decides the interest rate for Australia. Interest rates may affect the valuation of a currency; hence it is monitored carefully. Interest rates provide traders an idea on how the country is going. Why is it … Read more

2019 T1 W6

MARKET MOVERS RBNZ Interest Rate Decision What is the RBNZ Interest Rate Decision? The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) decides the interest rate in New Zealand. Traders watch interest rate changes closely as short term interest rates are one of the primary factors in currency valuation. Why is it important? In general, higher interest … Read more